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  Leap: Trailer
  Who Is Your Next Competitor
  Why Companies Must Leap
  An American Case Study: Proctor & Gamble
  Where to Leap
  How to Leap
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How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied
Outlasting competition is difficult. Doing so for decades is nearly impossible. Yet some pioneering companies have endured and even prospered for generations. How do they do it? And what can we learn from them? In today’s competitive environment where latecomers can replicate almost any product or service for less, and where expert intuition and market intelligence have been overtaken by machine algorithms, companies can no longer be just very good at what they do. They need to leap to new knowledge disciplines. The best of them leap repeatedly. And it's the combination of two skills--mastery of the old and the new--that empowers them with the best competitive advantage. To discover how some companies not only survive but thrive for centuries, strategy expert Howard Yu identifies key trends from business history, skillfully extracting timeless lessons and applying them today. He illustrates how managers can look to leverage technological shifts, increasingly ubiquitous connectivity, smart machines, and managerial creativity in order to leap forward. Ultimately, Leap is a playbook for the future that shows how pioneering players can thrive by rethinking their businesses, their relationships with customers, and the very reasons they exist.