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In 500+ hours of exclusive video and audio courses, America's top authors and CEOs will teach you:
  •  How to dominate your career and make more money (Taught by Cal Newport)
  •  How to thrive rather than just survive (Taught by Arianna Huffington) 
  •  How to become an effective leader (Taught by Kim Scott)
  •  How to double your sales (Taught by Anthony Iannarino)
  •  How to be more persuasive (Taught by Robert Cialdini)
  •  How to nail any job interview using just your body language (Taught by Amy Cuddy)
  •  How to raise money for your business (Taught by Naeem Zafar)
  •  How to launch and scale your own business (Taught by Alex Mehr)
  •  How to develop a stress-free brain (Taught by Dr. Melanie Greenberg)
  •  How to invest to build wealth (Taught by Sten Morgen)
  •  How to overcome any obstacle (Taught by Ryan Holiday)
  •  How to master business networking (Taught by Patrick Lee)
  •  How to negotiate like a pro (Taught by Natalie Reynolds)
  •  And many more topics and authors (50+ authors teaching their books in a classroom-format) 
  •  New authors and courses added weekly
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Examples of Authors in MentorBox
Influence and Persuasion - Taught by Robert Chialdini
Robert is an award winning author and his books on influence have sold over three million copies. As a professor of marketing, business and psychology he will teach you how to master the art of persuasion to win in any business situation.
Thrive - Taught by Arianna Huffington
Arianna is the cofounder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post and a nationally syndicated columnist. She will teach you the ability to draw on your intuition and inner wisdom, your sense of wonder, and your capacity for compassion and giving. Move from surviving to thriving.
How to Learn and Memorize Better - Taught by Barbara Oakley
Learn how to learn from a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University. Her passion for education lead her to develop revolutionary advances in learning practices.
Sales - Taught by Anthony Iannarino
Anthony leads a high-performing sales team, speaks to sales organizations nationwide, and teaches part time at Capital University's Capital School of Management. Leverage his years of experience and learn how to sell anything.
Commitment - Taught by Tom Jones
Tom is known as one of the toughest humans alive. His physical challenges are amazing but only come second to his mental strength. He has a passion for helping others and can train you to become quit proof.
Leadership - Taught by Kim Scott
Kim is on a mission to rid the world of terrible bosses, particularly the "nice" ones. A former Google and Apple exec who will mentor you in leading a successful and effective team at any scale.
Happiness - Taught by Mo Gawdat
Mo is chief business officer at Google X and used his engineer’s mindset to create an “equation for happiness”. This analytical stance on happiness has changed millions of lives and can be applied to your life as well.
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  •  Designed for busy, ambitious professionals
  •  Speed-reading cheat sheets, audio summaries, video lectures, and proprietary workbooks 
  •  Members-only Mastermind Group (Network with authors, mentors, and other like-minded individuals)
  •  30-day money-back guarantee
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